Joy and Aaron Keopple

“Over the past two years our daughter, Mariah, has been working out with the great trainers at ETS. We have not only noticed a great increase in her strength and endurance, but also an overall increased work ethic. This increased strength has become a huge asset on the ice in terms of body positioning and winning battles in the corners or in front of the net. She also has an incredible increase in power to put into her stride which creates quicker starts and overall faster speeds. ETS has and will continue to give her the edge she needs to stay competitive and on track to achieve her dreams!”

Bryan & Teresa Green

“Our three sons, Seth, Blaine, and Bryson, have been attending ETS since they opened. Their speed and agility skills have improved tremendously. ETS has helped Seth improve his vertical jump, shuttle run, and 40 yard-dash. In addition, ETS's strength program has help him become much stronger and faster. ETS has helped Seth achieve his goals of playing football after high school. As a junior, he currently has eight D-1 offers. Blaine and Bryson continue to compete with older kids. ETS has definitely made them better football players, basketball players, and lacrosse players.”

Tory & Michael Hassenauer

“Ryan Englebert and ETS have been instrumental in the growth of our son, J.C. Hassenauer, both mentally and physically. Not only does ETS cater to the Athletic aspect but also to the mind – encouraging good character and hard work. Ryan encourages his athletes to want to be a better person and be the best that they can be athletically. As a result of this training JC was earned a Football scholarship at the University of Alabama. Thank you Ryan for all your dedication and inspiration.”

Melanie & Derek Lafferty

"Thank you ETS for giving my two sons the mentorship & ability to grow as athletes in your facility. My family values the relationship & effort that your trainers & foundation provide. We have noticed great strides in their strength ability as well as their motivation level."

Kristin and Todd Causby

“When we enrolled our son Taylor (age 12) at ETS, our hope was to help him improve on his speed and agility for basketball and baseball. What we have seen has been much more than that. The transformation with his quickness, vertical jump, and form has been impressive for such a short period of time. Much to our surprise, these accomplishments have not been the most impressive thing we have seen. ETS owners Ryan and Heidi, along with their talented staff, have helped cultivate Taylor’s confidence and leadership skills, taking a quiet kid and making him more secure in his abilities. There is something special going on at ETS!”

Colleen Heslin

"ETS started out as the place where Emily would go to rehab after knee surgery, but ended up being much more than that. She looked forward to going to ETS because Ryan and his staff had a way of making the workouts fun and she could tell the hard work was paying off. We feel it's no coincidence that 4 years later, Emily has been injury free despite playing high level soccer year-round. Thanks Ryan!"

Dr. Josh Sandell, Chief Clinical Officer - Orthology, Sports Medicine Specialist for the MN Vikings

“I’ve been working with professional athletes for over 15 years and one thing is clear, they demand excellence from the individuals working with their bodies. I have worked with Ryan during most of my career and he has always delivered results with these athletes. His performance system is truly one of the best in the business and not only allows these athletes to compete at their very best, but at levels previously unattainable.”

Brooks Bollinger, High School Football Coach

“Having my athletes train with the staff at ETS Elite has been game changing for our program. Not only are they pushed to be their best on the field, but the life lessons, work ethic and accountability they teach our kids is also second to none. I have 100% confidence and belief in the ETS Elite systems of training and will continue to endorse ETS to our players moving forward.”

AJ Bucchino, High School Hockey Coach

"ETS Performance training is a blessing for our Lakeville South High School Team and Youth Program. Ryan and his staff are first class leaders who care about the development in our athletes. The systems work and the results show on the ice. Our athletes are motivated to attend ETS training sessions which shines a light on the environment and trust ETS has instilled in our them."

Derik Hawkey, High School Basketball Coach

“I would like to personally thank Ryan Englebert and the entire ETS staff for all their hard work and dedication in developing next level training programs for my high school athletes. The ETS program helped transform my college playing career as a student-athlete and it continues to serve me in my varsity head coaching career at Southern Door High School. When a parent inquires about how their child can become the best athlete possible or how they can better prepare for the college level, my immediate response is to get them involved with Ryan and the ETS program. Their training systems are tailored to each particular individual and the results have always been second to none! It is without a doubt that my players have made tremendous strides in becoming better athletes and live an overall healthier lifestyle due to all the great nutritional advice and recommendations that were included with the programs. All of these athletic and lifestyle improvements have undoubtedly played a major role in our recent successes as my boys’ varsity basketball team won our 3rd straight conference championship this season. This is the first time that has happened in school history! I highly recommend ETS to any athlete that wants to take their game to the next level.”

Jessica Winters, Youth Soccer Coach

“ETS Elite training has provided our girls soccer program a tremendous advantage over the competition. As coaches we’ve noticed a huge improvement in our athlete’s speed, agility and overall strength on the field. The emphasis that ETS puts on injury prevention and deceleration is very refreshing and provides a noticeable transfer to the soccer field. Thank you ETS for all of your work and we look forward to continue utilizing your services in the future.”

Derek Lafferty, Youth Hockey Association

"We thank ETS Elite for providing the strength & conditioning training for our entire Farmington hockey Association this year. We take great pride in our athletes and have found ETS to help us build that foundation for our youth. We have seen firsthand the amazing difference their training has provided our athletes as it has transitioned to the ice."

Michael Jefferson, High School Baseball Coach

“ETS Elite has been a staple in our baseball program the past 2 seasons. Not only have our players increased their strength and speed, but they’ve also gained a great amount of confidence. Personally, it’s been great to learn new techniques and training routines that apply directly to baseball players. ETS definitely individualizes their training programs for each specific sport and area of need, and thus the reason we’ll continue to use ETS Elite for all of our strength, speed and conditioning needs in the future.”

Matt Lombardi, High School Football Coach

"ETS has done wonders for our program not only in the physical preparation of our athletes but also the mental toughness as well. ETS does a great job in keeping our kids constantly striving to do things they never thought they could, and increasing their explosiveness and athleticism on a daily basis. From the time we have started ETS, our program has went from a program that was below .500 to a team that has gone 46-10 with four consecutive state tournament appearances."

JC Hassenauer, Alabama Crimson Tide Offensive Lineman

“There is no question that training with Ryan at ETS ever since my freshman year in high school paved the way for me to earn a D1 scholarship to play at one of the best schools in the country. During my 4 years at ETS I went from a 185lb Freshman to a 290lb Senior that was the #1 rated player at my position in the country. There is no question that ETS will always be my home every chance I get through my college and post-college career.

Mariah Keopple, D1 Hockey Recruit

“I have been working out at ETS for about 2 years now. ETS is a place that has helped me become a better athlete. I can definitely tell that my strength has increased, and it has helped my game on the ice. I now have a lot more confidence on the ice when it comes to winning battles and shooting on the ice because I am so much stronger than I used to be. Working out was never really a priority for me until I started going to ETS. I now know how important it is to work out and how much of a difference it makes on the ice.”

Bailey Lervick, North Dakota State - Soccer

"ETS has played a huge role in my development into becoming a division 1 soccer player. The atmosphere was incredible and the trainers pushed me each session to get stronger, faster and ultimately reach my potential. My time spent at ETS has been invaluable working with the dedicated ETS staff. I definitely highly recommend ETS to any soccer player looking to take their performance to the next level."

Ben Williams, Syracuse University - Lacrosse

"When I entered the ETS gym during my junior year of high school, I was an athlete who lacked hip flexibility, explosiveness, and had many muscle imbalances throughout my body. After working out at ETS for a few years now I have seen a vast increase in my strength, speed, and explosiveness, and also have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge with regards to how to maintain a strong, powerful, and flexible body. I found that at ETS it is easy to make yourself better, due to the hardworking and upbeat atmosphere Ryan and his team have created. Now a sophomore in college, I am a strong, explosive, and balanced athlete starting for one of the top division 1 lacrosse programs in the country. I owe everything to Ryan and his team, for without ETS I would not be where I am today. So, if you’re looking for a place to improve your total athletic framework and be put in a position to be successful, ETS is the place for you."

Lauren Saucier, LSU - pole vaulter

“Training at ETS in the off-season has been wonderful. Their staff is always prepared each time I come into the gym with a workout that is specifically designed for me and the needs for my sport. My strength, speed and explosiveness has improved an incredible amount and I am looking forward to setting all kinds of personal bests this season!”